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How to sell your home within 10 days or less

Many websites offer “free reports” which give information on how to sell your home within 10 days or less – they will however ask for your contact details before you get the report.

We are happy to give you the information, with no strings attached – giving you access to the information you require, until you are ready to act. The contents of the 10 or more page report is offered throughout Sell Property Fast.com, but can easily be summarised in one sentence.

We could buy your house for cash within 10 days or less; AND we could pay all related fees.

There is no other revolutionary information within the report.

How selling a property usually works..

1. Invite an estate agent in to suggest a market value for the property. They may suggest the property requires work before you put it on the market but you want to sell your property quickly. The agent states a market value for your property at £100,000, but if you want a quick sale suggests you knock off 5% – Weeks 1-3
2. The property is put on the market at the recommended price, but after 4 weeks if it fails to sell, you will be advised to reduce the sale price, by, lets say another 2.5%, now at 7.5% less than the original market value quoted. You have now taken off £7,500 of the original market value and are in Week 5
3. A buyer puts an offer in of your new sales price (£7,500) in week 6 – this is now 7.5% under the agent’s original recommended market value.
4. Depending on whether the buyer is in a chain or not, they will likely complete the purchase after about a total of 4 months. (This figure could easily run into 6 months or more). You will likely also need to allow for mortgage payments during this period @ around £450 per month, multiplied by the 4 months to sell = £1800 (around another 2%)

You will also need to allow for –

Solicitor’s fees @ around £750 plus VAT
Agent’s fees @ around 1% of the sale value

In conclusion, after 4 months or more of viewings, rude comments, hassle, and stress, your return will likely be less than 90% of what the agent had originally stated as a fair market value for the property. If the sale falls through for one reason or another, this figure could easily drop to between 80% and 85%

We buy your house for cash with no waiting around.

We could offer you a trade value (depending on market conditions, between 70% and 80% of the market value which might be suggested by an agent) the same day, and can complete in a time scale to suit you. We may also be able to suggest alternative solutions to help sell your property.

No fuss, no stress and we pay your fees.

1. It starts by contacting us, either call free on 0800 634 5232 or click here to contact us online.
2. Before anyone visits your property, we will carry out local property research, in order to have a fair indication of your property’s market and off market value.
3. Should you wish, someone should be available to visit your property (depending on location) within 48 hours of contacting us, in order to meet face to face, do a valuation on the property and discuss your personal requirements. Various options will be suggested, but what you decide to do will ultimately be your decision.
We do not charge for the valuation visit
4. Once we have viewed the property or have enough information to go on, an offer will be made on your property (usually within 24 hours), which you are not obliged to accept. This offer will be valid for 1 month, but if you decide to go ahead with the sale of your home after this date, we are fairly flexible and can usually work something out.
5. If a sale price is agreed, we can proceed with the “legal stuff”. Depending on your circumstances, it is likely we pay all costs with regards to the sale, including legal fees and surveys. You can use your own solicitor (if you have one), or we will happily help you find one.

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